Annual Meeting Recap and February Newsletter

Annual Meeting Recap

The Augusta Bar Association’s Mulhern Plain Golf Tournament and Rasing the Bar Charity Gala secured a donation of $29,980.87 to Apparo Academy, represented by Dr. Jennifer Jones (Middle). A special thanks to Bobi Claridge and Garon Muller who coordinated the charity events, and to Augusta Data Storage and Ellefson Transportation Group, our Title Sponsor, represented by Jim Thorpe (Far Right).
Thank you to all who attended the Annual Meeting. It was a wonderful gathering of our association. Here is a summary of the meeting:

  • Four Memorial Resolutions were adopted by the Augusta Bar Association.
    • Byrd Warlick- Delivered by Clay Stebbins
    • Jim Wall- Delivered by Jim Ellison
    • Judge William Fleming- Delivered by Judge Carl Brown
    • Mike Brown- Delivered by Ben Brewton
  • Laura Jordan delivered the Treasurer’s Report.
  • Katrell Nash delivered the Law Day Report.
  • Bobi Claridge and Garon Muller delivered the Golf Tournament and Charity Gala Report and presented a check to Apparo Academy. (See above)
  • Sam Nicholson presented the President’s Report and provided some encouraging remarks regarding the status of our Bar Association.
  • Neil Dickert presented the Slate of Officers for 2020, which are listed below.
  • Sonja Tate was presented the Robert L. Allgood Service Award in recognition of her outstanding service to our community. The award recognizes a member of our bar who has exhibited exemplary service and commitment to the bar and the community over a substantial period of time.
  • The Honorable Walt Davis, incoming Judge to the newly created Business Court, addressed our members and outlined his vision for the Court.

2020 Executive Committee of the Augusta Bar Association

President– Alexia Davis:; (706) 200-1578
Immediate Past-President– Sam Nicholson
President-Elect- Steve Sanders:; (706) 724-0171
Vice-President– Katrell Nash: 589-9530
Secretary– Garon Muller:; (706) 432-8320
Treasurer– John Kraft:; (770) 778-6475
At- Large Members
Tianna Bias- Law Day Chair
Bobi Claridge- Charity Gala Chair
Hank Crane- Golf Tournament Chair
Mitchell Snyder- President of the Young Lawyers of Augusta

February Meeting- Tuesday, February 11th at the Pinnacle Club

Please make plans to attend the February meeting on Tuesday, Feb 11th at 12:30 p.m. in the crystal room at the pinnacle club. The speaker will be the newly appointed President of Paine College, Dr. Cheryl Evans Jones. Please RSVP to Katell Nash at by Friday, February 8th at Noon. 

Nominations for the Liberty Bell Award

The Augusta Bar Association welcomes your nomination for this year’s Liberty Bell Award. This award is given annually to a non-lawyer for his or her outstanding public service and community involvement. The recipient will be honored at the Law Day banquet. Please email nominations and supporting information to


Please send all Forms to If you have not already done so, please submit your dues for 2019. Dues for 2019 are $175.  Please submit your dues with the dues notice.

New Member Application Form

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