Augusta Bar Foundation

The Augusta Bar Foundation, Inc. was organized and founded for the primary purpose of improving and promoting the administration of justice. Consistent with this purpose, the Board of Directors has adopted a policy of using the Foundation’s resources to provide funding and support for programs and organizations designed to enhance the lives of and improve opportunities for at-risk, disadvantaged, and under-served youth within the Augusta Judicial Circuit. The goal of this effort will be to give these youth alternatives to crime, violence, substance abuse, and illiteracy with corresponding reduction in the burden on our courts and system of justice.

Sustaining Fellows

All Rise

Robert L. Allgood

Harry D. Revell

Sam G. Nicholson

Neal Dickert

Clayton L. Jolly, III

Hon. Keith Johnson

Leland M. Malchow

Randolph Frails

Sonja Tate

Hon. Monique Walker

Donna Lorraine Barlett

Side Bar

Hon. Doug Flanagan

Troy A. Lanier

Richard A. Ingram, Jr.

Robert T. Homlar

Daniel W. Hamilton

Hon. H. Scott Allen

Gerald (Jerry) Woods

Jared T. Williams

Kirk E. Gilliard

Voir Dire

Judith Becker

Ramond G. Chadwick, Jr.

George S. Nicholson

George R. Hall

Adam W. King

Mark L. Wilhelmi

Garon O. Muller

Steven L. Sanders

John R. Taylor

A. Dixon Revell

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